Large Format Printing and Die Cutting
Large Format Printing on the Vutek H1625
Do you need a sign for the office? Maybe pulling a prank on someone and need a life size cutout of them? Have an event and need some sticks or just want a kick ass new photo to put up at your house? The Vutek is for you and to be honest it has a lot more uses than what is listed above.

The UV ink allows for you to put a coating on top of a material instead of soaking into the material. So you get a much more photo quality and opaque finish on materials you may otherwise not be able to print on at all. The Vutek is designed to maximize image quality with four color plus white and grayscale capability. With LED and UV technology we can print on high-value, specialty rigid and flexible substrates.

The machine is meant to produce high quality images on most every material. The ink is very opaque and sticks to the substrates almost like a paint. Take a wet rag or your finger nail to the ink and it stays even on the hardest of substrates. Click the buttons in the navigation to get your sample pack today and start getting ideas for what your company can do to stand out from the competition.

TLDR? - Summary

  • Take a full roll of paper and print large quantities or use a rigid material of your choice to get the look and feel you want.
  • Prints four color plus white on an extended range of substrates.
  • Produces near photographic image quality, saturated colors and smooth color gradations with true 8-level variable drop grayscale print capability.
  • With lower energy costs and fewer consumables and waste the Vutek is a greener printer.
Cutting on the Zund G3 L-2500
A high quality cutting mill for the printing industry the Zund G3 can cut most any material up to 5' by 8'. With precision of up to 10 thousandths of an inch and the ability to cut things upside down the zund can be highly specific to meet your needs. Use it to prototype the new product you are trying to offer or to mass produce a cool business card idea for your company. The options are only limited by your ability to create. (And maybe the width of the knife ;-) )

We have the capabilities currently to route out most hard materials, kiss cut stickers, through cut paper/soft materials, and crease boxes and other materials. All of this except for routing can be done on a roll basis which means you can print a 100 foot roll on our large format printer and then cut out everything you need in high production on the Zund G3. It's a highly versatile and cost effective solution for longer runs and prototyping.

Creasing and creating something from the inside out? No problem the Zund G3 can read your material and cut/crease your piece upside down so you can create the exact prototype you are looking for. Check out our sample box on the "Sample Packs" page below. The box was printed on our Vutek and cut/creased on our Zund.

If you want a real example see it in action over on our facebook page.

TLDR? - Summary

  • Cut most all materials up to 5 feet x 8 feet.
  • Cut full rolls of paper with seemless automation.
See a breakdown of the material you can use on both machines here.
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