Mail Guidelines - How it works
So you want to send out a mailing to a particular area or a particular set of people. It can be an intimidating process going through all of the information. We've tried to summarize it while giving all the information possible below. The basic example workflow can be broken down into the four steps below. Keep in mind we're here to help you with this at any time. If you have any specific questions don't hesitate to email or call (313) 928-5440 and get direct help.
1. Setup the artwork
When setting up the artwork there are a few things to keep in mind. First you want to abide by any of the standard printing rules such as making sure the piece has a bleed and making sure the color is CMYK. For mail specifically you'll want to refer to the "Piece Types" section below so you know what category your piece will fall into. Flats are the most expensive followed by letter then postcards. Be sure to always leave a 2'' x 4'' space on the piece for a white box that will contain the address. There are a lot of guidelines to how this box fits on the piece and it's different on a piece by piece basis, but in general you want to keep it away from the edges of the piece by at least 1/2''. We have people on staff that check every mail job before it goes through so you will not have to worry about doing something wrong. If you need more direct help we are always here. Email us at or call (313) 928-5440.
2. Prepare Address Files
When it comes to mail files the more simple the better. We are looking for csv files that contain Full Name(can be first/last name), Address line 1, Address line 2, city, state, and zip. If you have extra fields such as company/department that is fine too, but we want to keep extra fields to a minimum to avoid confusion. We also accept xlsx or xls files as these are on line with our preferred format.
3. Get a postage quote
For more information on postage and how it works you can see the "Postage Rates/Types" section below. Before processing your mailing we will send you a mail confirmation email that will give you all the details you'll need to confirm the postage amount for your order. This short form makes sure we're on the same page as far as how the mailer will ship and all the different qtys and amounts involved. If you would just like a quick quote to get an idea of how much postage for a mailing will cost use the form at the bottom of this page and someone will get back to you quickly.
4. Process your mailing
So you have your artwork approved and ready to go, your address file processed, and your postage confirmed. It's now time to let it rip! From here on out we'll take care of everything. We'll give you a mail date so you know when to expect your mailer to go out.
Piece Types
1. Postcard
Postcard is the smallest piece type you can send out. It is defined as being a single sheet of paper that is smaller than 4.25'' x 6''. This will also be the cheapest in terms of bulk shipping and postage.
2. Letter
A letter is when you start to get bigger than a postcard size and need to put multiple sheets of paper into an envelope. The dimensions and guidelines for letter are less than 6.125'' x 11.5'' with 0.25 in thickness or less. To be first class the piece will also need to be under 3.5oz in weight. For letters another guideline applies and this is that it needs to have a proper aspect ratio. The aspect ratio needs to be > 1.3 or < 2.5 anything less than or greater than needs to go as a non-machinable letter.
3. Flat
Flats are the big boys of bulk mailing. These pieces can go up to 15'' x 12'' and be 0.75'' thick. It also should be less than 13 oz.
4. Packages/Everything else
Keep in mind that all of the above is for bulk mailing. It can also be sent with a stamp, but the guidelines in particular are to get a discounted rate on bulk mail. So that leaves us with everything else you may want to send out. We partner directly with to send usps packages. For an incredibly low price you can send out packages with tracking information or any shape/size. If you have a special project and need advice don't hesitate to email or call (313) 928-5440 and get direct help.
Postage Types/Rates
1. Standard (1-14 days - 200 piece minimum)
Standard mail is the cheapest way to send your mail to a specific list of 200 or more people. It normally will get to the people within a few days of mailing, but according to usps they can delay it from 1-14 days depending on their workload. So if you have something you know needs to get there quickly then sending it first class may be the way to go. Standard is also available as a non-profit service for even better rates.
2. First Class (1-7 days - 500 piece minimum)
To send a first class mailing bulk you'll need at least 500 pieces. The great thing about first class though is you do not need to send it bulk. For a higher postage rate we can send all of your mail first class.
3. EDDM (1-14 days)
USPS offers a really cool service where you can go on their website and select specific mail routes that the mail piece will go to. The site gives you postage rates and qtys for the different mail routes you can choose from. So if you're looking to hit a specific area or demographic you should check out the website below for pricing and information.
Permits/Mixed mail
When sending your mail in bulk you'll need a permit to put on the piece. For eddm mailings this isn't an issue, but for any other bulk mailing either we use our permit and you send us a check prior to the mailing for postage. We then drop it off at our post office and all is taken care of. If you already have a bulk mailing permit we can use your permit with a little setup. You'll then keep postage in your usps account and we'll drop the mail off at the post office where your permit is at.

Mixed Mail - When sending bulk mail sometimes if you don't have enough of a specific zip code the postal service will need to reroute your mail and mix it with other mail before it goes to the location it needs to. We can pull these pieces from your mailing and apply stamps for a small fee. When your mail is processed and we send you postage confirmation the number of mixed mail pieces and the price to pull those out will be in there. You can accept the mixed mail price or just have them take a while longer to get to their location.
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