Large Format Printing and Die Cutting
Creating a file for Large Format Printing/Cutting in inDesign
- Example File: Sticker Example (InDesign CC 2014)
inDesign can be used to create PDFs for the large format Vutek machine, but it can also contain die lines for cuts to be made on the Zund after the PDF is created. This is done in a different way than Illustrator because there is a conversion process that takes place. It is recommended that you go through the Illustrator tutorial first so you can get a feel for how the cut files work. (It's super fast go do it now).
Step 1: Open/Create your file
Get your file open in inDesign.
Step 2: Creating a cut
Creating a cut here is much like creating a cut in illustrator. The only difference is not only does the layer need to be named by the cut name (Through Cut), but you need to make the stroke a spot color that is named "Through Cut" also. The system picks up the spot color in the PDF and converts it to a cut. See the screenshot for the details and adding a new swatch. To get to this panel open the swatches window and click on the options in the upper right hand corner and click add new swatch.
Step 3: Place Registration Dots
Registration dots are created in the conversion process so no registration dots are needed.
Step 4: Exporting your file.
There are a few settings that need to be set so the PDF prints on the Vutek properly.

Please see this PDF for those settings.
Creating a file in inDesign for cutting is mostly for through cuts on large material. Because of how it creates the registration dots you may have a hard time getting your cutting curves to come out perfectly on intricate pieces.
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